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Right after signing up, we send you general questions about your particular business and industry. It generally takes about 30 minutes to complete and send back your responses. Pro Entertainment Media analyzes your business, industry, and begins creating a fully customized website just for YOUR BUSINESS. Within 7 – 10 days, you select from two or three different design options. Once selected, we build you a custom website complete with professional copy, photos and design. Your website goes live right after you approve the final work.

Attract Customers to Your Business:

Search Engine friendly design – Pro Entertainment Media websites are designed to attract the attention of the big search engines. At the very core, each website is built with Google, Yahoo, and the MSN search engine crawlers in mind. Driving traffic is one of our biggest objectives.

Conversion friendly design – As marketing specialists, we know that having lots of traffic with little sales isn′t helpful. This is why we have professional marketers and copywriters design each and every page of each website. Our sites are designed to create strong prospective customer desire for YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICE.

Easy on Your Wallet.

More impact for less money. Each website comes with up to 20 pages – Home, About Us, Contact Us, Facilities / Amenities, Services, Calendar, News & Events, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Forms, Offers, and more

Professionally designed, complete with industry specific copy, photos, and functionality. Now you can have a professionally designed website for a fraction of the cost of hiring independent copywriters, web designers, professional photographers, and marketers.

For just $99/year... Each website is hosted on a managed, dedicated server with guaranteed resources available so that your website pages load fast. We also provide email services, and free telephone and online support at no extra charge. What a deal!

Easy on Your Stress. Managed website hosting and backup services – Pro Entertainment Media Marketing hosts all websites and guarantees 99.99% up time. Our managed website hosting provides daily operating system updates and patches making sure that your website information is safe and secure.

One–Stop Shop – Say goodbye to pointing fingers and sorting out whose issue it is. Because Pro Entertainment Media Marketing hosts your website and email, and designed your website, we know whose responsibility it is to make sure that things work right. The buck stops here.

FREE support – Throughout this process, we stay in contact with you via phone, emails and by fax updating you on the progress of your website. We are always available during normal business hours from 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time via telephone or by email. Easy on Your Time.

Premium Comprehensive Solution – Our websites are completely turn key. Once your order arrives, we analyze your business, write the copy, choose high performing photos, and choose suitable functionality for your business. We write the copy. We find the photos. We create the designs. We get your website done professionally without requiring much of your time.

Be up and running online in about 30 days. Putting up a professional, high–impact website doesn′t have to be an expensive, time consuming hassle. Virtually all of our business clients are completely up and running within 30 days after sign up.

Automatic and immediate prospect & customer alerts. Our websites notify you immediately if you have received a prospective customer inquiry, a customer concern or issue. Make sure you respond to your business matters timely and effectively. Pro Entertainment Media Marketing provides the website tools to help you do your job better.

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