Pro Music Records L.A. Concert Series

It′s finally here! After several months of planning and marketing strategies – Pro Music Records Inc. is now all set to present Pro Music Records L.A. Concert Series.

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With the Pro Music Records L.A. Concert Series now a worldwide hit with Independent labels and the great response from artists, venues and the media in general – Pro Music Records L.A. Concert Series is garnering great support and is set to be the perfect opportunity for Independent artists and labels wanting to bring their music to L.A. in style.

Pro Music Records L.A. Concert Series is slated to be the biggest Independent Artists Tour in L.A. ever and is being supported by Thegoodzonline.com and Pro Music Records, including local media and radio like Da Radio Show (1580am ) KBLA. and 102.3 KJLH, Power 106, 97.1 FM, 104.7 FM, 93.5 FM and others.

Ten (10) Artists will be selected for each individual concert event from various genres and will be brought to L.A. to perform at 10 prestigious venues.

Domestic travel and stay is to be handled by the artists themselves. Artists will be paid a minimum of $200.00 per show during the tour and can sell their merchandise and keep up to 91% of the revenue generated. Pro Music Records L.A. Concert Series will be covered by a film crew the footage of which can be used by the artists for their own use once the footage has been broadcast on the partner TV channel of the event.

A compilation CD consisting of all the artists on tour will also be produced and distributed worldwide with marketing and promotions on part with Pro Music Records Inc.

The event is conceptualized and coordinated by Pro Music Records Inc.: Pro Music Records Inc is a global Entertainment Company that houses Pro Music Records and www.thegoodzonline.com and has a background in distribution and conceptualizing and organizing world class live concerts and festivals.

Antoine Carter


Please provide a link to your website or Electronic Press Kit (EPK) for Music Submission


Pro Music Records L.A. Concert Series

Q: What are the specifics dates? Which Cities?
A: The dates are TBA and currently ongoing starting at the beginning of 2010 across Los Angeles.

Q: Are all bands traveling together hitting the same shows, or is it separate

A: 10 Artists will be selected for each individual venue.

Q: What is a typical performance like (number of sets/ hours etc)?
A: Artists are expected to do 10 minute sets.

Q: What is a typical accommodation like?
A: Artist(s) traveling to Los Angeles are Responsible for all Travel and accommodations. Meals are to be arranged by the artists.

Q: Does your company handle the backline/FOH and core instruments (ala drums)? Specifically, what would we need to bring with us?
A: Sound System, Stage, Lights, Engineer will be organized by Pro Music Records The Artist(s) needs to bring along his/her personal instrument (guitar, keys, tambourine) if it′s a DJ then his own turntables, CDs etc.

Q: What expenses does Pro Music Records Inc. cover for the tour?
A: Domestic and International travel is the Artist(s) responsibility however 1 artist who is chosen via a lucky ballot will be given a free return ticket to L.A.

Q: How many artists are involved in the tour?
A: 10 acts per event

Q: I am a solo artist with a band, is it possible for me to bring some of the members with me?
A: Solo acts and Bands are both accepted

Q: Is the cost of traveling from city to city, venue to venue including moving gear around covered by Pro Music Records?
A: No – this is not covered

Q: Is there any financial incentive for each performance?
A: Every artist will be paid a minimum of $200.00 per show as performance fees during tour. The artists can sell additional tickets and receive 50% compensation on ticket sales and also sell their music and merchandise and keep up to 91% of this revenue. Please note that an artist in the above context is to mean 1 act either solo, duo, trio or band.

Q: Can you please provide me with the actual call code and country to Contact you direct as I would like to discuss the tour in person and I am having trouble getting through to you?
A: We can be reached via email: info@promusicrecords.com

Q: Do you have age restrictions as the band members will range from ages 13 to 18 at that time but would be accompanied by the parents?
A: For underage artists we allow 1–2 guardians to travel with the whole troupe.

Q: Are artists compensated for being included on your compilation cds?
A: Yes, there is a standard licensing deal where the artist is paid a licensing/royalty fee from sales. All other performance rights collections are to be done by the artists own collection society like ASCAP BMI etc and Pro Music Records is not responsible for those collections.

Q: Will the artist be given the footage from the film shoot?
A: Yes, the footage will be given to all artists after the footage has been broadcast on our partner channels for the event.

The Pro Music Records Events Team


Please provide a link to your website or Electronic Press Kit (EPK) for Music Submission



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