How to sell your CD/DVD at Pro Music Records

Keep in mind: you must be the copyright owner or have legal authorization to distribute this music on behalf of the copyright owner!

What YOU do
– Create your account here so we know who you are, and how you want your music described.
– Mail us a minimum of 5 CDs/DVDs to start. We recommend a minimum of 20 for wholesale orders
– We open and digitize the very first CD/DVD you send – so you don′t need to upload anything.
– We pay you, then ask for more as soon as they sell.

What WE do
– We make a web page dedicated to selling your CD/DVD on thegoodzonline.com. It includes sound clips, links back to your own website, reviews, pics, video promo material, and all of the text and descriptions you want.
– We give you a permanent URL address on thegoodzonline.com, and Pro Music Records so you can tell people where to buy your CD/DVD.
– We put it in the galleries and search engines at thegoodzonline.com – which gets over 300,000 hits a month from people who are looking for new independent CDs/DVDs to buy.
– We take all credit card orders for your CD/DVD, online or through our phone number 818–971–9301, and ship it to them within hours.
– We email you a every time your CD/DVD is sold to tell you who bought it and give you all contact information to help you build your data base!
– If you signed up for Digital Distribution, we encode and digitally deliver your music to our partner companies such as Apple iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Amazon MP3, and more.

How the MONEY works
– You set your selling price at whatever you want.
– We keep $4 for every CD/DVD sale and 25% for every MP3 download through Pro Music Records.
– For Digital Distribution and Live Sales, we only keep a flat 9% cut. You get 91% of all income.
– For Physical DVD Partner Distribution Sales, we only keep a flat 10% cut. You get 90% of all income.
– For Wholesale CD/DVD Physical Distribution Sales, we only keep a flat rate of 50%. You get 50% of all income. (Minimum order quantity - 20 units)
– There is a one–time–ever $49.99 charge to set up a new CD/DVD in our store, with everything we described above.

(Here's why.)
– That $49.99 lasts forever (or until you don′t want to sell that CD/DVD anymore.) So we will never tell you that it isn′t selling enough, or you′re not important. Even if you only sell 1 CD/DVD every 20 years, we′ll be glad to warehouse it and take orders for it here.
– We pay every Monday night by bank–transfer, paper check, or PayPal. You can set your –pay point– to be paid whenever you want! (Imagine that!) It′s easier than you think...
– This is totally non–exclusive. We don′t own the rights to your music, and don′t want to. We′re not a record label. We′re just sales and distribution. You′re the boss.
– Unlike other companies, you can cancel at any time. We′ll never get in the way of your music and your career.
You don′t need to have your CDs/DVDs shrinkwrapped, and yes you can sell a homemade CD–R/DVD–R here, as long as it looks good and has an insert with cover art.
You don′t need to upload MP3 files, or send us graphics, or anything else. Just create an account, and send us 5 CDs/DVDs. When those sell out, we′ll email you asking for more.

Any questions?
Just email us @ info@promusicrecords.com or call (818) 971–9301.
Someone′s almost always here in our office, and we′re glad to help.
Call to create an account NOW and start selling!

Read Before Sending CDs/DVDs:
How many CDs/DVDs to send?
Just 5 copies of your CD/DVD, the first time.
When those are sold, send as many as you sold in the last 3 months.
We understand there are exceptions ("Help! We're going to be on XYZ TV SHOW tomorrow!") – So if you have an extreme situation please call/email us for permission first.
– Our goal is to have a 2–3 month supply, so you won′t have to go to the post office every week, and we won′t have 100 copies of something that′s only selling one copy a month.
– If you send way too many, (like if you sold 3 copies, then mailed us 100 copies), we may have to return them at your expense after 6 months! So PLEASE follow the guidelines above to save yourself money.

Advice on Shipping
– You don′t need to include any letter, invoice, or info. Just send the CDs/DVDs themselves, as long as you have signed the CD/DVD up with us first, that′s all we need. No presskits or photos.
– Don′t use expensive express mail unless you′re backordered. Save the money. We want you to make a profit.
– If you include a note or a check, please attach it on top of the CDs/DVDs themselves, not hidden in the box somewhere.

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