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Pro Music Records, Brooklyn NY, Independent Music, Independent Artists, Ole Skool Kule, R&B/Soul/Funk

Release Date: 08-May-2015
Genre: R&B/Soul
Label: Element of Surprise / Pro Music Records
ISRC#: TCACF1577913

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Ole Skool Kule
Lofton "Boots" Gray is an R&B and Funk singer-songwriter born and raised in Watts, Los Angeles. He has had an interest in the genre since he was a kid. The name "Boots" was developed thanks to his grandmother who named him after she bought him a pair of boots as a gift. From an array of R&B and Funk inspirations including Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield and Maxwell, Boots brings a parallel sound in his music. He has also had the chance to link up with a few music industry professionals, and has been recognized by companies such as Billboard Magazine which called his material "fresh." His distinctive tunes also caught the ears of labels in which they described his music as having "great lyrical content."

As an old-school veteran, Boots is focusing on promoting his new digital release, "Heroes" on iTunes and in six countries including the US, Canada, Japan, and the UK. The release is also accompanied by a lyric video. Boots is eager to expose not only his new single but what his song-writing skills have to offer. The R&B and Funk singer-songwriter pictures an audience from the ages of 25 and older that will find pleasure in his music. Boots is also an open-minded entertainer. He is inclined to working with different artists especially with collaborating with today's younger performers.

When he moved to Oklahoma City in his early twenties, he joined the radio station, KFJL, where he officially gained a passion for the music industry. Rather than being behind the music scene, he wanted to pursue his dreams of being a musician. Boots then followed his visions by joining the band, Stone Velvet, and got to travel the U.S. from coast to coast while on tour. Unfortunately, the band faced some hurdles and eventually broke up, nevertheless, Boots stayed dedicated to his music career and moved back to California in the early 80s where he started working for a record label, Total Experience Records, until the early 90s.

Boots now resides in the San Fernando Valley in California and is focusing on his song-writing. He hopes to get "Heroes" as well as other singles on the right track for licensing and placement opportunities. Despite personal obstacles, he continues to pursue his number one passion, music, and hopes to entertain his audience with his spunky, funk melodies. Boots has never been one to quit no matter what the obstacles are and his single, "Heroes," is a reflection of his troubles with an emphasis in African-American history. "I might be too old-school to persevere in the music industry," he says. "But nothing beats a failure but a try."


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