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Release Date: Oct 18, 2011

Aka Casanova Black By J.Hollins
Genre: R&B, Soul, Neo Soul
Label: B.B.E North America LLC / Pro Music Records
UPC: 859706808751
MSRP: $14.99 / Digital Download $9.99

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J.Hollins is a Chicago native, whose smooth vocals, often laced with heavy harmonies, create an ingenious musical sound. He masterfully fuses the traditions of gospel, funk, hip-hop, blues, and soul, while keeping his lyrics fresh and reflective.

As the lead singer of a local group, J.Hollins landed a lucrative recording deal with a major record label. As a writer he went on to enjoy success in the UK, after releasing a 4-song EP and contributing to a compilation album entitled Urban Anthems. After years of feeling creatively unfulfilled and fed up with making records to please everyone at the label J.Hollins opted to walk away from it all. Armed with nothing but his own creativity, J.Hollins set out in search of a new start.

Enter long time friend and colleague Rhasheem Mohammed PKA "The Grind King". In January 2004 he and J.Hollins started B.B.E. North America L.L.C. Mohammed and Hollins set out to make their company about bringing quality creative music into the mainstream market. B.B.E. North America L.L.C. released J.Hollins debut mixtape "This is Me" in May of 2004. This mixtape offered a deep look into the life of J.Hollins and touched on all of his experiences (good and bad) growing up in LeClaire Courts (a low-income housing project located on Chicago's southwest side). "This is Me" is considered a classic by many and sold over 4000 copies to date. In November 2005 J.Hollins first full length album "The Chronicles" was released to rave reviews and stellar sales for an upstart indie label. Using club DJs and live performances as the main marketing and promotional tool "The Chronicles" has sold more than 12,220 copies to date.

In June of 2008 the highly anticipated "Untitled" the second full length album from J.Hollins was released. Shortly thereafter J.Hollins and his associates realized that some of those same influences that he had opted to walk away from in the past were rearing their head once again. Now fresh from a 6 month hiatus J.Hollins is back with new found vigor. Off to a running start with a soulful radio/club friendly love song "You're My Girl" f/Anton Genius produced by long time J.Hollins collaborator Anton Genius. This song is the first offering from J.Hollins upcoming project "aka Casanova Black" J.Hollins states "I wanted to get back to what I do best, what the people and the DJs came to love about my music. I also wanted to create a project that showcases my writing skills while allowing the audience to fun while listening."

"Casanova Black" is an alias affectionately given to J.Hollins by a few female friends of his, after seeing him perform live for the first time. The alias is definitely fitting given J.Hollins ability to make women swoon at the mere sound of his voice, add this quality with killer writing skills and a very charismatic persona and you get the phenomenal artist that is J.Hollins. J.Hollins album "aka Casanova Black" is scheduled for release fall 2011.

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